Ledgedale Natural Area

This 80-acre tract, dedicated as a natural area, provides hiking trails and opportunities for bird watching and nature photography. 

Many of the Ledgedale trails follow old logging roads used in the early 20th century during the height of the timber industry and before the opening of Lake wallenpaupack in 1926. 

Observant hikers will notice a variety of trees including red maple, black birch and hemlock. In winter, mature hemlocks stand in sharp contrast to the dormant deciduous trees. 

Large boulders deposited by receding prehistoric glaciers can be seen along the hiking trails. They appear to penetrate the ground, but they rest on the surface, surrounded only by sand and gravel. 

The woods at Ledgedale provide habitat to a wide variety of birds and other animals. Some of the species include raccoon, red and gray fox, ruffled grouse, red and grey squirrel, white-tailed deer and black bear. 


1. Camping, picnicking, trail bikes, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles  are not permitted.

2. The natural area is closed to the public from dusk until dawn.

3. Fires are not allowed

4. Firearms are not allowed. No hunting permitted.

5. Do not pick flowers and plants.

6. Enjoy!